Admission - Other Useful Information

About the Teachers at the Centre

The purpose for which this Centre has been established is to provide the best possible conditions for the growth of human nature into the divine Nature. All that interferes with the performance of this task will not find any place in this Centre. Accordingly, the teaching community will consist entirely of only those persons who have or at least show the potential to develop a conscious aspiration for the Divine and who see their work in the Centre as the best means of fulfilling this aspiration.

Certificates and degrees

Since such a difficult and sublime task is not even conceivable within the framework of government rules and regulations, no attempt will be made to seek government recognition for the work of the Centre or for the degrees or diplomas that it may choose to award. Therefore, parents who look for government recognized degrees and diplomas for their children will not find this Centre suitable to their purpose.

Medium of instruction — Languages

The medium of instruction will be English. At present there are facilities for the teaching of English, Hindi and Sanskrit. It is hoped that in future the facilities will be available for the teaching of other Indian and foreign languages.

Residential and intensive education

The Centre is entirely residential with the exception of a few local day students. Since the process of integral education has to be continuous and all-inclusive, a common residence for students and teachers is necessary so that education, both for students and teachers, may not be confined to a set number of hours but may continue all the time. It is hoped that the spirit of the atmosphere prevailing in such a setting will be such that all tasks will be done with an aspiration to learn more and more and to overcome imperfections in one’s nature so as to make it fit to manifest the real truth of one’s being. Since teaching and self-culture will not be one of the activities but the only activity of interest to the teachers of the Centre, a higher technology of education shall begin to come into operation as the teachers grow in self-surrender to the Divine. This will result in a manifold increase in the depth, intensity and volume of education that shall spontaneously take place in such a setting.


In our Centre we have provisions for vacations for only 2-3 weeks in a year and the vacations may be given at any time according to the parent’s/guardian’s and Centre’s mutual convenience.

We give total freedom to a child in our Centre and when a child is mature enough, he/she is free to take decision on his/her own and decide whether he/she wants to continue to stay at the Centre or not. We expect that the parents would not interfere with the child’s decision and would let the child decide freely. We respect the child’s free wishes in all such matters and would like the parents to do the same.

For admission form and more details please write to:

Pankaj Bagaria
Sri Aurobindo Divine Life Education Centre
Mira Ambica Bhawan, Khetan Mohalla
Jhunjhunu – 333 001, Rajasthan, India
phone: (01592) 237428, +91-1592-232887
mail: [email protected]