Admission Guide

The Purpose of Education

It is hoped that the integral education provided at this Centre would provide the best possible opportunity to a growing human soul to become conscious of, and effectively do, what it came on the earth to do.

“Make of us the hero warriors we aspire to become. May we fight successfully the great battle of the future that is to be born, against the past that seeks to endure; so that the new things may manifest and we may be ready to receive them.”
– Student’s Prayer Given By The Mother

The Kind of Children We Seek

The parents who have arranged beforehand that their child shall develop particular qualities, capacities, ideas, virtues or be prepared for a prearranged career would find this Centre entirely alien to their purpose. On the other hand, parents who are interested in the fullest and an all-round development of their child in harmony with the truth of his being may find the Centre truly suited to their need. But what the Centre looks for are the children whose parents are open to the Divine and who (children) have the potential to realize and manifest the Divine in their lives or who at least can significantly benefit by their stay here in their journey towards the true Goal.

The Admission Procedure

The new academic session begins every year from 15th August, for children aged between 6 and 12 years. Admissions are open throughout the year.

(i) Preliminary Selection

It is done on the basis of information contained in the application form and other details furnished by the parents or guardians. Children who are selected would be asked to come for a personal interview with their parent or guardian.

(ii) Personal Interview

A child who comes with a parent or a guardian for a personal interview will be asked to stay at the Centre for at least a few days or a little longer. After this the child may be selected for a longer stay of about a year or so after which it may be easier for all concerned to come to a decision about permanent admission to the Centre. To avoid hardships we try to call for a personal interview only those who we feel have a very good chance of being selected for a longer stay.

Note: When a child is selected for a longer stay in the centre, the parents/gaurdians have to furnish him/her with the essential items necessary for his/her stay, a list of which has been prepared by the centre. Download the PDF of the list by clicking the button below.

Download the list