The Resurgent India Trust

The fundamental object of this Trust is to work for an integral resurgence of India so that it may assume its rightful place among the community of nations and, by its powerful example and spiritual influence open for humanity the way leading to the establishment of a divine life on earth which will be the supreme fulfillment of the ages long promises and pronouncements of the forthcoming kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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Sri Aurobindo Divine Life Publication and Distribution Agency is a unit of SRI AUROBINDO DIVINE LIFE TRUST which is a registered public charitable Trust which has been established by certain devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with the hope that it will become an important vehicle of the Mother’s Force Working for the realisation of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of a Divine Life for humanity.

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The Mother

The Mother was born in Paris on 21 February 1878. She was named Mirra Alfassa. She was the daughter of Maurice Alfassa and Mathilde Ismaloun who had emigrated earlier from Turkey to Egypt and then to France with their son Matteo (born in 1876) one year before Mirra’s birth. From her very childhood she became [...]

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Hello World

The Arab–Israeli conflict refers to the political tensions and open hostilities between the Arab people of the Middle East and the Jewish community of present-day Israel that have lasted for over a century. Some trace the beginning of the conflict to large-scale Jewish immigration to Palestine, especially after the establishment of the Zionist movement, which [...]

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